About Us

Your Farmers ~ Steven & Ruth

Cookies ‘n Cream Dairy is a 130-cow dairy farm owned and operated by
Steven and Ruth Butzler. Established in 1999, it moved to its current
location just outside Cumberland, WI on April Fool’s Day 2002, where it
continues to operate today. Cookies ‘n Cream continues to expand the
services and products they provide to their neighbors and community as a
commitment to preserving the family farm.

The Farm

Operating on approximately 500 acres of owned and rented farmland, the Butzler family plants and harvests most of their own crops including alfalfa, corn, and beans. The cattle on the farm each play an important role in the Cookies ‘n Cream family. All receive a name at birth, with many learning their names overtime and all receiving the individualized care they need. 

Heifers are raised on the home farm with most of the herd housed in the farm’s freestall barn with 24-hour access to pasture depending on the season. This allows the cattle to eat and drink as they like, lay down in sand bedded stalls, or go out to pasture for grass. 

The team at Cookies ‘n Cream Dairy work closely with local veterinarians and nutritionists. Their home-grown feeds are tested several times a year enabling them to make adjustments based on specific herd needs. Bi-weekly veterinarian visits include pregnancy monitoring, overall herd health, and consultation on medications as well as new products. 

Our Meat

All of our beef is inspected by a USDA state inspector and processed by Almena Meat Company in Almena, WI. Cookies ‘n Cream is licensed by the Barron County Health Department and insured to handle frozen meat.

Most of our beef comes from well fed finished dairy cows. We do raise a few steers a year to provide some steaks to our customers. We strive to offer a variety of beef cuts and produsts to give our customers multiple options and ways to support their local farmers.

Our Milk

The Cookies ‘n Cream herd is primarily made up of milk Holsteins along with some Brown Swiss, Jersey, Milking Shorthorns, Ayrshire, and Guernsey cattle. LED lighting and a plate cooler using well water helps cool the milk prior to it going in the bulk tank. We recently installed a larger bulk tank for milk storage allowing for every-other day milk pick-up, saving on fuel costs for our milk haulers.

Our milk is sold to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery and is used to make their famous Ellsworth Cheese Curds. Milk from Cookies ‘n Cream Dairy can make up to 700 pounds of cheese each day.

Our Community

Steven, Ruth, and the entire Cookies ‘n Cream team understand the
importance of supporting local businesses, and do so whenever possible.
This includes Prairie Ag in Menomonie and Synergy Feed Mills, Barron Veterinary Clinic, Cumberland Ace Hardware for repairs, Tractor Central
for equipment, as well as many other local dealers and suppliers for
semen, nutrition, and other daily needs. It truly takes a community to
keep a farm running strong

Our Mission

Our mission is to be Sustainable.


By caring for the land and environment so we can grow quality feeds. Good food and quality care help our animals thrive. Thriving animals produce food and resources to support our families and communities. Your supporting our farm helps us all thrive, be sustainable, and puts Good Food on Your Table.