Is Your Beef Grass-Fed?

Yes & No. We feed a blend of grasses with minerals and a tad of soybeans and corn.

Did you know that the growing corn plant is a grass? Its only the cob that is considered a grain.There is so much good for the cow stuff in a corn plant that I can't imagine not feeding it.

Some farms have chosen to have their animals harvest their own feed. Because of a lack of available land, we harvest and bring the feed to our animals. What pasture we do have is mainly to give the cows room to stretch their legs and get off the cement.

Do You Have A Store Front?

No. We store the beef in chest freezers in a side room after I bring it home from the butcher. When someone places an order, I will make contact and find out when they would like to pick it up. Some times its the next day and other times its in a week or two. When I have time, I will pack the order and keep it in the big freezers. When its close to pick up it'll be placed in the cooler if I wont be around.

We are a working farm and most days are each putting in 10+ hour days. If we had a store front we would have to hire extra help and raise the price of the meat.

What Makes Your Beef Taste So Good?

99% of our beef comes from dairy animals, both male and female. Dairy animals are naturally leaner then a typical beef animal. They also marble differently giving it a different flavor profile. Dairy steers also take longer to mature then their beef counterparts. Maturity and age add flavor to the different beef cuts. Dairy beef is also naturally lean. 

Do You Do Your Own Butchering?

No, even though all of our beef is born and raised here on our farm we do not do the butchering.

We have partnered with Almena Meats to handle the processing and packaging.

State law requires an inspector to view the animal before and after butchering and requires the meat to be cut at an approved facility. When we pick up our beef from Almena it is packaged, labeled, and frozen.