Ground Beef w/10% liver blend

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Sold in one pound squares.

This is a 90% lean blend of marbled beef MIXED  with 10% liver. Does your doctor suggest adding liver to your diet? This is a great way without having to deal with the normal taste of liver.

Did you know that we've been reading our store labels all wrong? When it says 90/10 we assume there's only 10% fat in the product. In reality it's a 90% lean blend of marbled beef MIXED with 10% more fat. The extra 10% fat comes from the internal carcass of the animal. It melts at a lower temp and is what you drain off after cooking.

An 80/20 contains an extra 20% carcass fat.

While many have asked for a 80% I can't unless I add carcass fat from another animal. And really, to be honest, you come to me because you want an all beef burger from 1 animal not 3.

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